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At Call A Honey Do, our remodeling contractors treat your home and project with the same care and expertise as if it were their home so you are guaranteed to get the best possible results.

Kitchen Remodeling or Renovation Considerations

Size and Space of Your Kitchen

Because the kitchen is the main activity center of your home, it is important to look at your space of your current kitchen, and if you are looking to re-design the layout, where the work centers be located, traffic flow, storage of food items, pots, pans and other cooking utensils. If you cannot enlarge your space, it would be more cost effective to leave the layout as it is, so that you will not have to hire an electrician and plumber to relocate those utilities.

Flooring, Cabinetry and Countertops

Carpenter installing new cabinets in kitchenBefore you make any choices, you need to consider the following: colors, design (now active or inactive it is) and product. Do you want a wood or wood look or tile? If you choose wood or a wood look (laminate) then how do those colors and patterns work together with the color(s) of your cabinetry. Additionally, for your countertop and backsplash, do you want granite, silestone, corian, tile, formica etc. Whatever you decide for a product, those colors, tone, and design must also work with your floor and cabinetry color(s) and design. This takes considerable time to plan and coordinate your colors, so don’t rush this process. You will also want to look at your wall colors to complete the picture. You are making a considerable investment and you want it to have the right look and feel.

The flooring within the kitchen space will get tremendous use, so must be durable and easily cleanable. Laminates are the least expensive alternative. More about Laminates here. Prefinished hardwood is another option. Even though they come with multiple layers of an aluminum-oxide-infused polyurethane and cured under UV lights, have a hard finish, but they will still scratch and wear. Installing prefinished wood flooring is very similar to that of laminates. You can read more about it here. Tile is another option. There are 3 types of floor tile, Travertine, Ceramic and Porcelain. Each has its own characteristic and style. More here about floor tile.

Cabinetry can be custom designed an built. This is the most expensive option. In most cases, homeowners will go to a cabinet company, meet with a designer, and select the cabinets from there. There are many colors, styles and price points to choose from. Typically, this is where you start, as the cabinet color will determine your base color and then select your countertop color, then your flooring.

Countertops can be purchased through a cabinet company, but often you will pay more rather than going direct to a granite company. The disadvantage of going to a granite company, is another supplier, another set of meetings, and co-ordination of the template and installation. This is also true for Silestone, Corian or another other type of stone or stone type product. These products are all very expensive, and if you are on a limited budget, consider either tile or Formica. Formica comes in a variety of colors and finishes, and is very durable. These can be selected at the cabinet company, and they will provide you with a Formica chip and a sample door, to coordinate your flooring and wall colors.


Many homeowners start thinking about replacing their old appliances, and remodeling the entire kitchen ends up being the focal point.
Appliances today offer many new features and can be larger than what your current space allows. Make sure to measure your space before
you start looking at appliances to make sure you have proper clearance and base cabinet sizes if you are not replacing cabinets.

Sinks, Faucets and Lighting

Updating your sinks and faucets can be one of the most rewarding acquisitions. New composite granite sinks, stainless steel, under mount,
or drop in sinks, with many styles to choose based on your space and work habits. Replace that old leaky faucet with a new shiny high spout, pull out faucet or one of the many new styles to give your kitchen that up to date look. Lighting your work space is crucial to have a efficient and functioning kitchen. If you don’t want to hire an electrical to snake wires and put in recessed lights, consider under cabinet lighting to light your space.

Bathroom Remodeling and Renovations

The bathroom is another major hub in your home and bathroom remodeling is the 2nd highest return on investment of any renovation. Kitchen remodeling is the highest.

A bathroom remodel can cost from a few hundred to several thousand depending on your goals. Here are some things to consider before beginning your next project, any and all can make a big improvement to your bathroom

Vanities: Updating to a current “in style” vanity. Costs vary, but if you shop around you can get a new vanity at a reasonable cost

Hardware: If your vanity is relatively new or in great shape, consider just updating the hardware. New styles, colors will freshen up your vanity and room. Remember that what you choose will affect the color/finish of your fixtures.

Fixtures: Match up your plumbing fixture finish to your cabinet hardware and style of the cabinet. If you installing a cabinet with a break front, don’t put in single lever fixtures. The “period age” doesn’t match. If you are unsure, go to a bookstore or library and look in magazines for ideas. Don’t have a bath exhaust fan? You need one to remove all the moisture from your bathroom which is probably causing the mold on your ceilings and walls.

Countertops and sinks: Granite, Marble, Corian, Silestone, Formica are all options. Because there is less possibility of staining, marble is a popular choice. Often, at cabinet companies, they will offer 1/2″ thick selections of granite or marble designed for bathrooms. These are considerably less expensive than the 3/4″ granite or marble. If putting in granite or marble, consider an under mount sink for a clean look. Corian and Silestone will offer integrated bowls with the counter top.

Flooring/Tile: Tile floors in a bath is popular, and with the new grouts, easy to keep clean. If you can’t afford tile, new rolled flooring will still give your room an updated fresh look.

Handy man installing tile around tub

Shower/Tub remodeling: If your tub is in bad repair, then consider replacing it with a new fiberglass tub/shower unit. Acrylic tub/shower units are better constructed and of better quality, but if your budget doesn’t allow it, then fiberglass will do just fine. Want a custom shower? This is the most expensive way to go, and understand that your bathroom will not be available for use for several weeks. Any old tub/shower will have to be removed, the shower will have to be framed, a shower pan will have to be mudded, then the tile for the floor is installed, then the walls. The walls can be tile, or you can have panels fabricated for each of the sides and ceiling.

Storage: If you have space for a closet, put one in. Bathrooms never seem to have enough storage.

Mirrors and accessories: By putting in a large mirror, it will make your bathroom look larger, and it’s a inexpensive addition. Add all matching towel bars and toilet paper holders (finish should match faucets and hardware) to complete the look.

Lighting: Make your bathroom bright! Adding extra and up to date lighting over the mirror for a proper balance to your bathroom.

Paint/Stain: Don’t forget to freshen your walls, ceiling and trim with a fresh coat of paint, or touch up your stain with another coat of polyurethane.

Are You getting older and want to retrofit your home so that you can live at home? Click for our retrofit services

Basement or Attic Finishing

If you have basement or attic space that you are may want to finish for additional living space, Call A Honey Do for a free consultation. There are lots of things to consider and discuss such as, heating, cooling, electrical runs and drops, ventilation, plumbing, insulation requirements, moisture barriers to name a few. These projects take lots of time and consideration in your planning, cost analysis, product selection and construction. Start by making the call and see where to go from here.

Resale and Investment.

Whether you are considering selling or live in your home, the design, efficiency of your kitchen and bath are great investments and will attract more buyers and get a better price. However, if looking to sell in the near future, talk with a Realtor, on the best renovations to be made for the least amount of money to get you the greatest return. There is no point to investing $20,000 getting back $10,000 unless you are not competitive in your marketplace for that price point.

Whatever services you need, Call A Honey Do, is here to help. Below is a list of more services that we offer.

Assembly: Anything you need assembled
Carpentry: From minor repairs to custom work
Doors: installation and repair of all interior and exterior doors
Disability Retrofit: Renovations needed for the disabled or those looking to Age In Place
Drywall-Plaster: New installations and repairs
Electrical: Installation of fixtures, fans and other minor jobs
Exterior Maintenance: All exterior maintenance around the house, walks, porch, deck and fences
Floors: Tile, laminate and hardwood repair or installation
Gutters: Repair, installation, and cleaning
Painting-Staining: Interior and Exterior painting or staining
Plumbing: Faucet and fixture repair or replacement
Remodeling: Kitchen, bathroom, shower, basement renovations
Siding: Any repairs to your siding, trim boards.
Windows: Repairs, new installations

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